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Cheat day report!

Monday, July 2, 2007 by  
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If you missed yesterday’s update, my six-month cut is finally over! I reached my goal of 6% body fat, and am now maintaining while building my strength in preparation for my upcoming bulk, which will start on October 1, 2007. You can check out all the details, stats and photos by reading yesterday’s update.

Yesterday was a very rare “free day”. Basically I allowed myself to go nuts, and indulge in some foods that I have been craving for the last six months. I started off the day with my new breakfast, straight off my summer meal plan. Even though it was a cheat day, I was really craving egg whites, wholegrain toast, black coffee, grapefruit and oats, so that’s exactly what I had. That was the only meal I ate yesterday, however, that even remotely resembled my usual diet plan…

It was a rainy day, so I spent the rest of the day watching DVDs with Lisa and the dogs. I ate buttered popcorn, chocolate, snack mix, nuts, pretzels and pizza. I skipped the red wine, and opted instead for my all-time favorite drink: Grey Goose vodka on the rocks. In fact, I opted for a whole bunch of those. I have to admit, I got completely plastered. :o I haven’t been drunk in a long, long time. Maybe more than 10 years. Not like that, anyway. Thankfully Grey Goose is such a quality vodka that I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get a hangover from it. I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM sharp, and I feel great!

This morning I’m up 5 pounds (191.6 pounds), which is not a surprise at all. Keep in mind that I weighed about that much a week ago. It’s all water weight, and most of it will probably not go away. All last week was spent dieting specifically to shed water so I’d come in “dry” for my monthly pictures, and that’s why I got down to 186.6 pounds. After a week with practically no sodium, yesterday must have been quite a shock to my system!

Today it’s back to business. I’m looking forward to an awesome workout this afternoon!

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