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Attacking genetic weaknesses.

I postponed last night’s scheduled cheat meal and had chicken and broccoli instead. Tonight Lisa and I will be attending a company dinner, and I will be indulging a bit there. I’m still going to eat as healthy as possible, as I’ve already had a couple of cheat meals this week (my post-cut celebration day, and again on the 4th of July).

One thing is for sure: I’m feeling stronger and more energetic than I have in months. I think taking this week off from training and relaxing my diet was a smart move. I can’t wait to start lifting again next week! I know I’m going to have some excellent workouts, and I fully expect my strength to skyrocket over the next month or so. By the time I begin my bulk on October 1st, my body should be primed and ready to put on a lot of quality mass.

As I mentioned yesterday, my primary areas of focus for this year’s bulk will be my pecs, my delts and my traps. I am very encouraged by the big changes I’ve made to my overall physique during the past year. These changes were brought about simply by bringing up a few lagging muscle groups. I feel that by further improving the three areas that I’ve identified as my weakest muscle groups, my physique will rise to an entirely new level of balance and symmetry. I’ve got my work cut out for me, especially with regards to my traps: my genetics have determined that my traps don’t want to have much height. I can’t change my genetics, so it’s up to me to overcome that obstacle through hard work and smart training.