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Weekly measurements; Company dinner at “Seasons 52”.

Sunday, July 8, 2007 by  
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It’s Sunday, and time for my weekly measurements…

This week my scale weight is 194 pounds. Comparing this figure to last week’s end of cut weight of 186.6 pounds is pointless. The reason is, of course, because last week I was totally “dry” for my pictures. I dropped about 4 pounds of water in the days leading up to my end of cut pictures, and gained it right back the day after I took the photos as I rehydrated and re-introduced sodium to my diet. Of course I had a three cheat meals this week (including one last night, which I’ll talk about in a minute), and I’ve also resumed taking creatine. So, even though the scale shows a 7.4 pound gain this week, it’s not unexpected or anything to worry about. I’d say I added about pound of fat, and the rest is all water. Some of that water will be shed over the next few days as I return to my planned diet with just one cheat meal per week (Friday).

My body fat reading this morning is 6.5% (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall). I expect my body fat will continue to slowly rise over the next few weeks and will stabilize at around 8% body fat. I will easily be able to maintain 8% body fat for the remainder of my maintenance phase while still enjoying a little dietary freedom.

So last night I attended a company dinner. The last company dinner I went to was held at a place called “The Melting Pot”, which completely sucked (you may remember my rant the day after the event). This time we went to a place called “Seasons 52”, which I really enjoyed. Every single entree is under 475 calories, and they use only fresh, seasonally-inspired ingredients (the menu changes throughout the year). There are no deep fat fryers in the kitchen, and no “heavy” ingredients like butter. Everything is light, fresh and delicious. I had crab stuffed shrimp, which is served on pasta with a light garlic sauce. It was 474 calories: 12g fat, 47g carbohydrates and 42g protein. While that’s not something I’d eat every day, it’s not bad at all for a “cheat” meal – especially at a restaurant. It was nice to come home after eating out and feel full, but not overstuffed and bloated. I’ll definitely return!

I decided to postpone my cardio yesterday morning until today (which I’d normally have off from training). I’m going to go get that done and then I’ve got some cleaning and house projects to do. Tomorrow I resume lifting after my 1 week off from training. I can’t wait!

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