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Chest workout; Custom workouts on my new bike; Half-Million posts!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 by  
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My entire back is still burning from Monday’s workout, and today the strength building continues. I’ll be working my chest and side delts this afternoon, and HEAVY is the name of the game…

Because of my shoulder problems, I have to be very careful whenever I do heavy benching. When I bench for hypertrophy, I use moderate weight, puff out my chest, aim for textbook form and I flare my elbows out almost parallel to the bar (this is sometimes referred to as the “bodybuilder bench press”). Benching like I just described helps minimize delt and tricep involvement, and puts as much focus as possible on the pecs. Now that my goal is to gain strength and will be moving big weight, I’ll bring my elbows in a bit. My form will still be good, but not quite as strict as it is when I’m focused on gaining mass. Benching like this will involve more delts and triceps, allow me to lift more weight and will also provide added stability for my shoulders.

Again, here’s my Summer Maintenance split: Monday: Weight Training: Back, Traps & Rear Delts
Tuesday: 12-20 Minutes HIIT Cardio (PM)
Wednesday: Weight Training: Chest & Side Delts
Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
Friday: Weight Training: Legs
Saturday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
Sunday: Off

Remember, for the big compound moves I’ll be doing 3 exercises per body part using very heavy weights (after a few warm-up sets, of course). My reps will be low (4-6 reps per set) and I’ll rest about 2 minutes between sets and 3 minutes between exercises.

This is the chest/side delt workout I have planned for the next four weeks: CHEST
3×4-6 Barbell bench press
3×4-6 Incline barbell bench press
3×4-6 Weighted chest dips
3×4-6 Standing DB lateral raises

I wanted to start off with some very basic free-weight compound exercises to get my feet wet. In four weeks I’m going to switch things around, and will properly incorporate some very heavy dumbbell work into my chest routine.

Yesterday I did another HIIT cardio workout on my new recumbent bike. You may recall that my custom program didn’t seem to save the first time I tried to program it. As it turns out I was just in the wrong mode. Yesterday I put it in the correct mode for saving custom workouts, programmed my intervals in, and the computer remembered it just fine. I love this bike!

The JSF Forums reached a pretty cool milestone yesterday: Half-Million posts! Way to go, everyone!

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