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Summer meal plan changes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007 by  
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I’ve been on my summer meal plan for almost two weeks now and have decided to make some more changes. Nothing major, just some tweaks and adjustments that I feel will benefit me. As always, I’d like to detail those changes now…

First, I’ve moved my workout to a slightly later time: my workouts will now start at 2:45 PM instead of 2:30 PM. I did this because my workouts are only taking 30-45 minutes, and I want to finish just before 3:30 PM so I can have my PWO shake immediately.

I’ve added some BCAAs on my training days. I’ll mix up 4 scoops of Xtend BCAAs in water and sip on that during my workout.

I’ve also added some BCAAs just before my HIIT cardio session on Tuesday: 4 scoops of Xtend.

I’ve moved my cheat meal from Friday night to Saturday night. The reason for this change is because Friday is leg day, and I want to have steak, rice and broccoli as PWO meal #2 and not junk food. I also plan to have a drink with my cheat meals, and I never consume alcohol on lifting days.

My caloric intake on training days has been increased slightly, while my overall caloric intake on non-training days has been reduced slightly by eliminating the 1/2 cup of brown rice from meal #5. I don’t need those extra 100 calories of carbs at night on non-training days.

I also moved my AM LISS cardio time forward 1 hour. I just have too much going on from 6:00 AM until 8:00 AM to get it done before then. I’ll start my cardio at 8:00 AM and eat my first meal at 9:00 on those two days.

The final change is that I’ve swapped meal #1 with meal #2 on LISS cardio days, opting for a protein + fat shake immediately after my LISS cardio.

I seem to be maintaining my weight pretty well right now, I have plenty of energy and I feel quite satiated. If any further tweaks are required as my metabolism adjusts, I’ll be sure to post them.

Yesterday’s chest and side delts workout was AWESOME! My shoulders took quite a beating with the heavy pressing moves, the weighted dips and, finally, the very heavy DB laterals. My shoulders were protesting a bit by the end of the workout, but they held up quite well. This morning they both seem fine, thankfully. This morning my chest is already starting to get sore, and my entire back is still on fire from Monday’s workout! Tomorrow is leg day, and while I have not finalized the workout, it’s going to be brutal. I’ll complete the plan today and post the new leg workout tomorrow morning.

Cardio time. Have a great day!

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