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Back from vacation!

Monday, August 6, 2007 by  
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I’m back from my two-week vacation, and I sure had a lot of fun! I’m fully rested and recharged, and eager to get back to my regular schedule. It feels like I’ve been away for much longer than two weeks, probably because so many things happened during that time. Let’s jump right in and get up to speed…

First and foremost, I want to talk about my diet and training while I was away. My diet was actually very good: I had two extra “cheat” meals, consumed alcohol on several nights, and ate a couple of unscheduled snacks. Other than that, I stuck to summer diet perfectly.

I performed all my scheduled weight training workouts, and every single one of them was memorable. My strength has been increasing rapidly, and my energy levels are exceptionally high right now. I walked away from each workout feeling very satisfied with my performance and level of effort. I’m not saying the workouts have been “easy”, but having plenty of fuel (food) as compared to when I was cutting makes a huge difference.

I also did all my cardio workouts but one – I skipped Saturday morning’s 45-minute LISS session.

This morning I went ahead and did a complete set of measurements, weighed in and took my body fat reading. My weight only increased 1.2 pounds over the past two weeks, and my body fat went up just slightly from 6.9% to 7.7% (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall). As I said back when I finshed cutting, I expect my body fat to rise to about 8%, which I’ll then maintain until my bulk starts on October 1, 2007. I’m actually a little surprised that I’m still below 8% at this point (but I’m not complaining!)

Returning to the subject of my vacation, it was nice to not have any special plans and just sort of play things by ear. I found the lack of a structured schedule very relaxing, and was just what I needed. Unfortunately there were several issues at work that required my attention, and I wound up putting in a little over 20 hours over the past two weeks. I’ll be taking long weekends for the next three weeks to make up for that!

One of the big highlights of the vacation was that the builders broke ground on our new home! This is a very exciting time for me and Lisa. We’ve been having a lot of fun watching our new home begin to take form, and it’s happening so fast! We may be moving in less than four months. Of course the closing date can be delayed depending on how fast construction proceeds; weather and material availability (among other things) can delay the process. Actually, I hope things are delayed enough to push the closing until January 2008: I really don’t want to move a week before Christmas.

My New Home Construction Journal (an upgraded forum membership is required) is turning out to be incredibly detailed. I’ve been making trips to the job site every single day, and I’ve been posting tons of information, photos and videos documenting every stage of the construction. I hadn’t planned to be so meticulous, but as it turns out I’m really enjoying keeping up with the journal. If you are at all curious about how a home is constructed and the process of buying a new home, I think the journal is worth checking out.

In other news, the forum software will be upgraded sometime this week. I’m not sure which day I’m going to perform the upgrades, but I’ll try to do it in the early morning hours. I expect it will take 1-2 hours to complete and test the upgrades. I’ll make an announcement here when I decide on a time.

I think that about covers everything for this morning. Thanks for stopping by – it’s great to be back!

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