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Good back workout yesterday; Grapefruit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 by  
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I’m glad I waited until yesterday to do my back workout. I thought seriously about doing the workout after I finally finished working on Monday night, but it was 8:00 PM and I was totally spent. Doing heavy deadlifts when you’re mentally and physically exhausted can be dangerous. I wound up having an excellent workout yesterday – my strength is really coming back fast now.

How many of you like grapefruit? I’m sure a couple hands went up, but probably not many. I always hated grapefruit, but during my last cut I was told to eat it, and so I did. I also was not “allowed” to use any kind of sweetener on my grapefruit. At first I didn’t really like it, but over time I actually came to love grapefruit. Now I eat it by choice, and that’s something I never expected to happen! Every morning I have either grapefruit or pineapple. I purchase ruby red grapefruit. I think the red grapefruit taste better than white grapefruit and they also tend to have little to no seeds. Grapefruit is extremely healthy and a fantastic way to start your day. Grapefruit is also an excellent food to consume while on a fatloss diet: I got down to 6% body fat this summer and ate grapefruit every single day. In fact, in the week leading up to my July 2007 pictures I ate grapefruit six times per day.

I’m off to work now. Thanks for stopping by!

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