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Cheat meal last night after all; Aches and pains.

Sunday, August 12, 2007 by  
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Even though Lisa was not home to enjoy it with me, I changed my mind and decided to go ahead and have my cheat meal as scheduled last night. I was really craving a good hamburger, so I grilled one using 96% lean ground beef. I ate the burger on a toasted sesame bun along with grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, spicy brown mustard and a slice of melted white American cheese. I also had a couple handfuls of kettle chips on the side. The meal was delicious, and really hit the spot!

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming bulk, which will start on October 1, 2007. I am enjoying my summer strength building program, but these extremely heavy weights are starting to take a toll on my old body! My shoulders, wrists and left hip have all been protesting and causing me some discomfort due to old injuries. I’ve been able to train while keeping those old injuries in check, but that’s largely because I normally train for hypertrophy using moderately heavy weights for 10-12 reps per set. This summer I’ve been going very heavy for 4-6 reps per set, and my body is starting to protest. I’ll never be a powerlifter, that’s for sure! Anyway, I may transition to a higher rep/lower weight program before my bulk starts if I feel like it’s necessary to avoid injury.

I’m off to have breakfast now. Enjoy your Sunday!

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