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School, training and diet; Huge APT sale!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by  
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I know many of you have already returned (or will soon be returning) to school/college, or have kids that are back in school this month. These can be hectic times: busy (and often unpredictable) schedules, increased demands on your time and the temptation to skip workouts & fall back on convenience foods. I encourage those of you who are faced with these challenges to invest a little time to plan – you don’t want to let your health and fitness slide. Good health is your rock-solid foundation for success during these busy times!

Plan your meals and workouts around your schedule, and always be sure to have easily transportable and consumed “emergency” meals ready to go for those times when your schedule unexpectedly changes. Protein powder, nuts, pouches of tuna or chicken, raw oats, fruit and good protein bars are examples of foods that are easy to transport, don’t require refrigeration and can be quickly consumed.

There are quite a few students and parents on the JSF Forum who are very successful when it comes to balancing their school work, kids, jobs, personal life, diet and training. If you need some advice in any of these areas, please don’t hesitate to create a free account and ask for help. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Our good friends over at APT Pro Gear are running a fantastic special right now: Free 12″ wrist wraps and 15% off your entire order! APT’s gear is professional quality stuff, and I use it every single workout. I love their wrist wraps, their lifting straps and their exercise bands (just to name a few of the products I regularly use!) To get your discount and free straps, just place your order and use the discount code “WRAPS” when checking out. Also, be sure to include which wraps you want in the comments section (specify by name from this list).

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