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Awesome new recipe; Back day!

Monday, August 27, 2007 by  
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OK, I think Lisa and I have the Spicy Grilled Cilantro Shrimp pretty well tweaked to our liking, and so this morning I posted the recipe. Last week Lisa suggested adding some sun dried tomatoes to the dipping sauce, and she was right on the money: the tomatoes added a very nice flavor and bit of tang to the sauce. You may want to adjust the red pepper and jalapeno if you like more or less heat. This is a very healthy and absolutely delicious way to prepare shrimp: it’s packed with protein and healthy fats.

I really love cilantro and, because it’s sold in big bunches, there is usually plenty left over after making a recipe that calls for it. One of my favorite things to do with extra cilantro is to chop some up and toss it in with my egg whites along with some garlic and cumin. That’s how I prepared my eggs this morning and they were awesome!

Lisa was in a rush this morning and didn’t have time to help me take my weekly body fat reading. I’ll be sure to get it done tomorrow and post the results. I think I may have added a little fat this past week. I had an extra cheat meal or two. :o

It’s Monday, and that means it’s back day! My back workout is my favorite workout, mostly because I love deads. I’m also really enjoying the weighted wide-grip pull-ups I’ve been doing lately. When I first started training back in 2003 I couldn’t do a single body weight pull-up, so it feels great at 194 pounds to have to chain plates to my body in order to provide myself with a worthy challenge.

I know Mondays can suck, but don’t skip your workout! Get in there and train like you mean it!

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