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Random thoughts on my upcoming bulk.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by  
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I’m really starting to get excited about my upcoming bulk! I think with hard work and careful attention to my diet I’m going to make solid improvements to my overall symmetry while keeping fat gain to an absolute minimum. I’m always learning, and one thing I’ve learned is that excessive fat gain during a bulk is extremely counter-productive for me. This year’s bulk will not be as “dramatic” as some of my past bulks when it comes to overall size and weight gains, but I think after I finish my bulk and then cut back to 6% body fat or so the net retention of my bulking gains will be higher than any previous bulk & cut. Of course another nice thing about having less fat to lose is I won’t have to cut for six months like I did this year! That was a long time to diet, and it was not much fun. I think after this bulk I’ll be looking at around 3 months of dieting to get back to 6% body fat.

I haven’t talked about a bulking plan with Mastover yet, but I plan to bring up something new (to me) that may be worth giving a shot: 3 weeks of bulking followed by a week of cutting. Repeat. Many people have had great success following a plan like this, and have seen good gains with minimal fat gain. I’m always looking to try new things, and this would definitely be a new approach for me. Stay tuned!

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