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My photos on CNN.

Thursday, August 30, 2007 by  
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CNN called last week and they conducted a fairly lengthy phone interview with me. I tried to focus on providing what I felt were solid, easy-to-digest tips and information that would help inspire and educate those who were looking to improve their health. Considering the amount of time I was interviewed I expected at least a somewhat informative article to appear as a result. Nope. Everything I said (and, presumably, the other men who are featured said) was reduced to a few photo captions and a couple of bullet points at the top of the page. They didn’t even provide a link to JSF or any other web site for further reading. Providing all those inspiring photographs without any real information to help others strikes me as a big tease. It’s a shame, really. Anyway, here a link to the article: Readers show us their guns.

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