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Maintenance phase wrap-up; Time to bulk!

I just took a set of post-maintenance/pre-bulk measurements and I also took my body fat reading, so this morning I’d like to do a sort of “maintenance phase” wrap-up. First of all, I had a lot of fun this summer: I ate a somewhat relaxed diet, had drinks a couple times per week, trained hard with compounds and significantly increased my strength. I gained a few pounds of fat and I lost a little muscle,… [Read more]

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My first bulking workout: Monday’s “core” leg training.

My summer training split has my leg workouts on Friday, but I decided to give myself the day off from training yesterday. The reason is because my bulk starts on Monday with a brand new training split, and Monday is leg day. Not just any leg day, but a very heavy “core” training leg day. It would have been foolish to pummel my legs 2 days before Monday’s heavy leg workout. Again, my core workouts… [Read more]

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More on my upcoming bulk.

If you missed yesterday’s lengthy update, I posted and discussed my complete 2007 bulking program – everything from diet to training. The bulk starts this Monday, and I can’t wait! This weekend I’ll be going shopping and stocking up on my proteins: chicken breasts, codfish and 96% lean ground beef. I’ll also be purchasing a big supply of natural peanut butter, brown rice, oatmeal and olive oil. My fresh foods (red potatoes, white potatoes, sweet… [Read more]

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My complete 2007 bulking program – from diet to training.

I have completed most of the preparations for my 2007 bulk! Today I’d like to review everything: diet, split, core/intensity weeks and training principles. Before I get started, I’d like to again thank my trainer – natural professional bodybuilder “Mastover” – for all his hard work, support and invaluable assistance in helping me prepare for what is going to be my most challenging bulk yet. Let’s start by reposting my bulking diet. I’ve already discussed… [Read more]

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Bulking workout principles progress; Traps are killing me.

I’m making good progress with my bulking workout plans, but I’m having a tough time putting the training principles into a neat little bulleted package for my training page (as I’ve done in years past). The reason I’m having trouble is because my training program for this bulk will vary quite a lot from one workout to the next. I think I’m going to outline the basic guidelines, link to more information on the program… [Read more]

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Another excellent “Olympic” workout!

Yesterday someone whacked me just below the back of my neck with a baseball bat! Well, maybe not – but my traps sure feel that way after yesterday’s workout: 4×10 Jump shrugs 4×10 Hang cleans 4×8 High pulls 3×6 Deadlifts 3×6 Weighted wide-grip pull-ups For the Olympic portion of my workout I wanted to continue to focus on form, but I decided to up the weight from last week’s “test” workout to 135 pounds. This… [Read more]

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Cilantro shrimp sauce is good on salmon, too; Today’s workout.

Saturday night I skipped my cheat meal (well, truth be told I didn’t skip this week’s cheat meal – I had one on Friday night) and prepared Spicy Grilled Cilantro Shrimp. I love that sauce so much, and it goes great with almost any seafood. In fact, I made double the amount of sauce and saved half of it for Sunday’s night’s meal. Last night I spread the sauce over salmon and cooked the salmon… [Read more]

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My Sunday plans.

No training today, but I’m going to get some mild outdoor physical activity in: I’m about to wash the car and take care a few minor things in the yard. After those tasks are done, Lisa and I are going to do a little shopping and then check on the new house. There’s a pretty good chance the roofers will be on the job today, and I’m looking forward to seeing the roof completed. Later… [Read more]

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I might join a gym; House update; Saturday plans.

I’m very pleased with the strength gains I’ve made over the past few months. I feel that I’ve done a good job of preparing myself for my upcoming bulk, which starts a week from Monday. If things go as planned Lisa and I will be moving at least once during my bulk, and probably twice! If our house sells and the new owners don’t want to let us stay here and rent from them until… [Read more]

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House showing this morning; October 2007 “100 Challege” is open for entry.

This is going to be a quick update: I’ve got a real estate agent coming with her client to look at our house this morning. I’ve got to do a little dusting and polishing before they get here. With the housing market in Florida the way it is, any potential buyer that wants to see our house is very good news! Selling this house is the final hurdle that stands between us and our new… [Read more]

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