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Day off from work; House projects and yard work; Today’s workout.

Monday, September 3, 2007 by  
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Today is Labor Day, so Lisa and I both have the day off! Yesterday we’d planned to work in the yard, but Lisa didn’t feel like it and she talked me into waiting until this morning to trim all the plants. Instead of working in the yard, we hopped in the car and went driving around. We went by the new house (Lisa has not been inside since the second floor was completed), and then explored the roads around our new subdivision. On the way back to our house I saw a Home Depot come into view. As we approached Home Depot I muttered something about Pavlovian conditioning and found myself pulling into the parking lot.

I actually did need a few things from Home Depot, but I can never simply get what I need and then leave. Oh, no. Instead I have to wander around finding all kinds of other things that I just didn’t realize I need, but apparently do. Whenever I go into Home Depot I sort of black out for awhile, and about an hour later I find myself sitting in my car wondering what the hell just happened.

I did get a lot of little projects done yesterday, and I have some bigger projects lined up for today. One of the projects is right on the edge of my handyman abilities, so if things go awry I may have to call in the pros. Unfortunately I discovered that I need something else from Home Depot to complete one of my projects. Uh-oh…

Of course I’ll be working out today, too! Today is my back/rear delts/traps workout, and I’ve got some very heavy deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, bent-over barbell rows, bent-over dumbbell laterals and behind-the-back barbell shrugs lined up. I can’t wait!

What’s labor day without a cookout? I’ll be having an extra cheat meal tonight, and that’s going to be burgers on the grill! After today I’ll not be having any more cheat meals until I start my bulk on October 1st. I want to head into my bulk fairly lean at about 8% body fat.

I’m going to finish my coffee and get out in the yard. Have a great day!

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