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2007 bulking food logs are up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by  
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My 2007 bulking meal plan is up! There have been a few adjustments since the general overview I posted yesterday, so I’d like to go over those changes and talk about the plan in more detail now…

As you can see, I’ll be interspersing relatively brief periods of cutting (1-2 weeks) with my bulking weeks. This is a new technique for me, and I’m hopeful that it will allow me to add muscle while keeping my fat gains to absolute minimum. I put on way too much fat during last year’s bulk (ultimately reaching 236 pounds and 19% body fat), and that made for a long and difficult cutting phase to get my body fat back down to 6%. I don’t want a repeat of that, so my goal this year is to keep my body fat at or below 12% at all times.

My daily caloric intake during “bulking” weeks is a little over 3,100 calories. No surprises here: the diet is high in carbs and high in protein. As you can see, aside from protein powder there are absolutely no processed foods in my diet. This bulking diet is the very definition of “clean” and “all-natural”. If you want to grow, you’ve got to give your body the proper raw materials. You truly are what you eat, so if your diet is crap, well…

I know I bring up diet a lot (for a recent example, check out my September 8, 2007 update), but that’s because I feel that a proper diet is the most important component of overall health, fat loss and adding muscle. Unfortunately diet is also the number one thing that people get wrong, and I want to help change that.

I digress – let’s get back to my 2007 bulking meal plan. 🙂

Looking at the cutting weeks of the meal plan, the most obvious change is a reduction in my daily caloric intake: I’ll be taking in a little over 2,700 calories. Notice also that my carbohydrate intake will be greatly reduced, and my fat intake will be increased substantially. This switch will force my body to use fats as an energy source, but without entering ketosis.

I will be allowed 1 “cheat” meal per week during my bulking weeks, and no “cheat” meals during my cutting weeks. It was a happy accident, but I’m pleased that I’ll be on a bulking week during Thanksgiving and on Christmas. I’ll be taking my weekly cheat meals those two days for sure!

As I mentioned yesterday, my supplement intake is very basic: A multi-vitamin, an oil blend, joint support, creatine, glutamine and amino acids.

Other than a glass of wine with my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, I will be consuming no alcohol.

Something you may have noticed is that my weight training schedule (noted in my food logs) reads as follows: CORE: [M-W-F]   INTENSITY: [M-T-T-F]. I’ll be alternating a week of “core” strength training with a week of “intensity” hypertrophy training for the duration of my bulk. My “core” training weeks will have a 3-day split, while my “intensity” training weeks will have a 4-day split. This is a new style of training for me. I will post my complete training schedule and go into much more detail sometime before my bulk starts.

I think that about covers my diet!

Finally, it is an honor and privilege to once again be working with my good friend Mastover, who is a natural professional bodybuilder. Mastover brings many years wisdom and experience to the table. As you may know, I worked with Mastover during my last cut, and saw excellent results. I expect this bulk to be no different!

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