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General overview of this year’s bulking training principles.

Friday, September 14, 2007 by  
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I’ve already posted my complete bulking diet (see my September 12, 2007 update) and yesterday I posted my training splits for this year’s bulk. The last piece of the puzzle is to go over the training principles and workouts I’ll be using. I’m going to need some additional time to get all that material together and posted, but this morning I’d like to give a broad overview of what I’ll be doing.

I’ll be using two very different styles of workouts, and they will alternate weekly: one week of “core” workouts followed by a week of “intensity” workouts.

The core workouts will focus on very heavy, low volume compound lifts and are designed to increase my strength. I’m only going to be doing one or two exercises per muscle group during the core weeks. I’ll do approximately 4 warm-up sets followed by 4 increasingly difficult working sets – the last of which will be close to my 1RM and will end in failure.

The intensity workouts are designed for hypertrophy, and will be considerably higher in volume compared to the core workouts. The intensity workouts are also designed to provide functional rest from the very heavy core training. I’m going to be doing all kinds of things to shock my body into growth and up the intensity: supersets, drop sets, rest-pause sets, giant sets…. I’m also going to be using exercises that I’ve either never done before, or use infrequently. This morning Mastover suggested that I incorporate some Olympic lifts (such as hang cleans, high pulls, jump shrugs and so on…) into my routine, and I’ll definitely be taking his advice. I’ve got to get some height to my traps, and deads and shrugs are just not doing the trick for me!

Again, that was just a quick overview. I’ll go into much more detail as soon as I have time to put it all together.

Yesterday I placed a huge order with AtLarge Nutrition. Even after using Nitrean daily for several years, I still crave the taste. Nitrean is truly the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had, and the high-quality blend of proteins has definitely played a part in the improvements I’ve made to my physique over the past couple of years. I work way too hard in the gym to put anything less than the absolute best in my body. I always take advantage of AtLarge’s multi-unit discounts, and that puts the price per 30g serving at around 64 cents. That’s a bargain. One of my favorite meals is two scoops of Nitrean along with a 3/4 cup of raw oats (here’s the simple recipe). For around a buck fifty you’ve got a delicious high protein (55.5g) and healthy carbohydrate meal that can be prepared in about 30 seconds.

Happy Friday everyone!

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