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Another excellent “Olympic” workout!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 by  
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Yesterday someone whacked me just below the back of my neck with a baseball bat! Well, maybe not – but my traps sure feel that way after yesterday’s workout:

4×10 Jump shrugs
4×10 Hang cleans
4×8 High pulls

3×6 Deadlifts
3×6 Weighted wide-grip pull-ups

For the Olympic portion of my workout I wanted to continue to focus on form, but I decided to up the weight from last week’s “test” workout to 135 pounds. This is not a lot of weight, but I kept my rest intervals very short – just 45 seconds. Even using a relatively light weight, the short rest intervals made for a fairly intense workout.

After the Olympic portion of my workout I loaded up the barbell and did 3 sets of 6 very heavy deadlifts. After pre-exhausting with the Olympic lifts, the deadlifts felt extra heavy. It was nice to give my legs and lower back a bit of a break and finish off my training with some weighted wide-grip pull-ups.

In all the years I’ve been training and trying to get my traps to grow using traditional methods (deads, shrugs), they have never felt so brutalized as they have after my first two Olympic training workouts. I’m very glad that Mastover suggested I incorporate some Olympic lifts into my weight training regimen. Once my bulk starts and I’m eating a caloric surplus, I just *know* my traps are finally going to see some solid improvements!

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