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More on my upcoming bulk.

Friday, September 28, 2007 by  
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If you missed yesterday’s lengthy update, I posted and discussed my complete 2007 bulking program – everything from diet to training. The bulk starts this Monday, and I can’t wait! This weekend I’ll be going shopping and stocking up on my proteins: chicken breasts, codfish and 96% lean ground beef. I’ll also be purchasing a big supply of natural peanut butter, brown rice, oatmeal and olive oil. My fresh foods (red potatoes, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole eggs, egg whites, salad greens, broccoli and grapefruit) will be purchased weekly. With the exception of my weekly “cheat meal” (bulking weeks only!), those foods I just listed (along with Nitrean protein powder) are the only foods I’ll be eating for the next four months. People often wonder what it means to “eat clean”. Stick to a diet like the one I’ll be eating this winter and you can’t get much cleaner than that!

While the above foods may sound boring to some, I enjoy them all. Right now I’m mentally preparing myself to switch into, well, I guess you could call it “machine mode”. I do this whenever I start eating and training for a specific purpose. When I’m in this mode, missing a workout is not an option and I must consume foods that provide my body with premium fuel. I will not be eating for pleasure on this bulk. The foods I’ll be eating make me feel healthy and energetic, and that leads to awesome workouts and fast recovery.

I’ve got to wrap this up, as I’ve got a pre-drywall meeting with my builder at 9:00 AM this morning. This is my last chance to verify everything that is in the walls (wiring, fixture placement, wall jack placements, etc.) before the interior walls are drywalled in. This is an exciting milestone in the building process!

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