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Monday, October 1, 2007 by  
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It’s time to bulk!

Again, here is the article that discusses my diet and training for this bulk, and here is the actual “core” leg workout I’ll be performing today.

Yesterday I posted my post-maintenance phase wrap-up, and I went over my current measurements.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went ahead and had an extra “goodbye summer” cheat meal. I’d planned to take Lisa out to eat for lunch, but a real estate agent called with a request for a house showing as we were about to leave. We gladly cancelled lunch for an opportunity to sell this house! Instead of a cheat lunch, we snacked on fresh-baked asiago cheese bread dipped in olive oil. For dinner I made hamburgers on the grill with ice cream for desert. Much vodka was consumed. Aside from a glass of wine with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, the vodka I had last night will be my last taste of alcohol for at least four months, as I never drink when I’m bulking.

Of course the extra cheat meal has left me looking fairly bloated in the mid-section for this morning’s monthly pictures. :o Oh well, I’m bulking now so it’s OK. 😆

Now that all the groundwork has been completed, there’s nothing left to do but eat big and train hard! Right now all I can think about are the heavy squats I’ll be doing later today, and how good the red potatoes that I’m roasting for breakfast smell! The potatoes are very simple to make: wash and quarter, spray with Pam cooking spray, add salt and pepper to taste and roast at 450 for 25-30 minutes. Those are going to taste great with egg whites! Actually, it’s time for me to start the egg whites…

…oh man, this is the best breakfast ever! The potatoes taste incredible with the egg whites and strong black coffee. This is a lot of food, though – and I’ve got to have a protein shake when I’m done!

I love bulking. :dreamy:

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