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“How do you eat the same thing everyday?”

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 by  
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I think I’ve already adapted to the higher volume of food I’m eating: yesterday I found myself watching the clock as most of my meal times approached, stomach growling in anticipation. The bloat I was feeling on Monday is also gone.

A couple of people who have emailed me this week wondered how on Earth I am going to eat the same meal plan day after day, week after week. I can honestly say that I enjoy each and every meal, and I doubt I will get sick of any of them over the next few months. I’m the type of person who never seems to tire of the foods I enjoy. Besides, I’m eating for function right now – not for pleasure. The fact that I’m enjoying my meals so much is a nice bonus, but taste is secondary. Case in point: EAA powder. That stuff tastes terrible. The pre-workout and during workout cocktails are manageable, but my post-workout cocktail (20g EAA powder/1 scoop Beverly Creatine Select) is hard to choke down, especially when I already feel like puking after a hard workout!

Speaking of hard workouts, today is my first “core” chest/delts/triceps workout (if you missed it, I posted it yesterday). I’m looking forward to this workout a great deal. I have not directly worked my front delts or triceps in 3 months, so the seated DB presses and EZ-bar skullcrushers will be a real treat.

I can hardly wait for next week’s series of “intensity” workouts. I’m working on creating some of the most difficult and intense workouts I’ve ever come up with. If I’m not crawling out of the gym on my hands and knees after every workout next week, then I’ve not done my job. :evil:

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