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My triceps hate me; Tomorrow’s planned workout.

Thursday, October 4, 2007 by  
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Yesterday’s workout was awesome! It felt great to directly work my triceps and front delts again after a summer of compound lifts. I won’t lie: I love to work my arms and shoulders!

I think my triceps are in shock. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I reached down for something and my left tricep started cramping up. I relaxed my arm, and my tricep started spasming. It felt sort of like a worm was crawling around under my skin! This morning both triceps are extremely sore.

OK, tomorrow is my final “core” workout of the week: back & biceps. Remember, my core workouts will not have a lot of volume, but they will be extremely heavy. Here’s what I have planned for Friday’s workout:

BACK – Deadlifts
1×20 (warm-up, light weight)
1×20 (warm-up, weight added)
1×10 (warm-up, more weight)
1×5 (working set, heavy)
1×5 (working set, more weight, harder)
1×3 (working set, more weight, very tough)
1×1 (working set, max)
1×1 (working set, max)

BACK – Seated low rows
1×15 (warm-up, light weight)
1×8 (working set, heavy)
1×8 (working set, more weight, harder)
1×6 (working set, more weight, very tough)

BICEPS – Barbell curls
1×12 (warm-up, light weight)
4×5 (working sets, heavy, but with perfect form)

Rest between sets is 2-4 minutes, and up to 5 minutes between exercises. The goal for the core workouts is to lift heavy and increase my strength from one week to the next. For more information on my diet and training, please see my September 27, 2007 update.

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