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Weekend work: Day two.

Sunday, October 7, 2007 by  
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As I mentioned yesterday, Lisa and I have our hands full this weekend getting our house prepared for the inspection and the new owners. The office network has been completely torn down, all the permanent shelving has been removed, the drywall has been repaired and the walls have been painted. Because the permanent shelving was installed shortly after we moved in back in 1994, until yesterday the walls in my office had never been painted! Combine that with the fact that I chain smoked from 1994 until November 2000, and the walls in here were pretty nasty looking. The fresh paint looks great!

I also got some of my new office furniture assembled. Unfortunately they sent one of the file cabinets in light cherry instead of dark cherry, and that was the first piece I opened. When I uncrated the parts I thought, “Man, this is not as dark as I’d hoped for – the pictures on their web site made it look much darker!” So I stupidly assembled the whole thing (took about two hours) and then when I opened the next crate I realized their mistake. On one hand I was irritated because I’d just wasted two valuable hours, but on the other hand I was relived because the dark cherry looks way better than the light cherry. Thankfully that one file cabinet is the only thing they screwed up on, so hopefully today I’ll get the rest of the stuff built.

Oh, I also got Lisa’s computer workstation and my new 72″ wide, 5-shelf wire server rack assembled. The server rack is awesome! Each shelf can support over 500 pounds, and I bought the caster kit so I can roll it around as needed. I’m going to put all my headless servers, switches, routers and some other miscellaneous equipment on it. My desk area will have my main computer, the security camera system’s monitor & controls and my laptop. I’ll get some pictures when I’m done.

Well, I’d better get started. This morning I’m going to steam clean the carpets, clean the kitchen and then start assembling furniture. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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