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INTENSITY WEEK – Delts & Calves.

Friday, October 12, 2007 by  
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Yesterday’s back & biceps workout was intense, relentless and brutal. Today is the final “intensity” workout of the week: delts & calves. Here’s what Mastover, my diabolical trainer, has in store for me today:

3×8-12 – Seated dumbbell press (no back support)

4×6-8 High pulls

2×10 Face pulls (GIANT SET)
2×10 Dumbbell laterals (GIANT SET)
2×10 Wide-grip barbell rows to the nose (GIANT SET)

2×100 Standing calf raises

4×25 Seated calf raises w/ 30 seccond squeeze on toes after each set

3×15 Leg press “toe presses” (DROP SETS: 50% weight reduction after reaching failure)

Rest will be 45-60 seconds between each of the delt sets/giant sets, and 1-2 minutes between each of the calf sets.

That workout is going to be great way to complete my first bulking “intensity” week! It’s certainly going to be intense.

Now that I’ve completed a full round of “core” and “intensity” workouts, I’ve assembled a single page with all of my actual workouts from the past two weeks. You can check it out here, and it’s also linked on my training page.

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