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Fun day yesterday; First photo in my new gym (still under contruction).

Sunday, October 14, 2007 by  
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Lisa and I had a very fun day yesterday. After doing our weekly house cleaning (which was not so fun) we drove out to the new house to check out the place now that the drywall has been hung. We took hundreds of photos, and measured all the walls so that we can start planning out where everything will go.

I was most interested in the office and home gym measurements. The Titan weighs close to a ton (literally), so it is not something that I can just slide around and position – especially on rubber flooring. Where the Titan is put together is where the Titan stays, so I want to make sure I know exactly where I’m going to put it (along with my other gym equipment).

Speaking of my new home gym, yesterday I took my very first photo in it! Of course I’m acting like a complete goof, but that is pretty much how Lisa and I behaved all day yesterday. We were both in extremely playful and silly moods. Many more photos are in my construction journal (an upgraded forum membership is required).

Today Lisa and I are going to do something that we’ve not had time to do in a long while: relax, hang out with the dogs and watch DVDs all day long!

Have a great Sunday – see you tomorrow.

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