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Want guns? Tips for working your biceps and triceps.

Friday, October 19, 2007 by  
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Considering the low volume of this week’s workouts, I’m surprised by how sore my triceps are this morning. I only did 4 working sets of ez-bar skullcrushers on Wednesday, and some indirect tricep work while doing incline barbell bench press.

The ez-bar skullcrushers that I do are a little different than traditional skullcrushers. I lay on the floor with the ez-bar resting just behind my head. I bring the bar up to the fully extended position (but still behind my head) without moving my elbows, then slowly return the bar all the way back until it rests on the floor. That’s one complete rep. 1FastGTX told me about this modification to traditional skullcrushers last year and I’ve done them like that ever since. I think we were calling the exercise “rolling triceps extensions”, but that’s incorrect. I’m not sure what the correct name is, but I guess it doesn’t matter; the point is they are much more effective than traditional skullcrushers. At the beginning of this year’s bulk Mastover also suggested that I do skullcrushers this way without knowing that I already do. It was good to hear that he is a believer in this style, too. Give them a try – you’ll like the results!

Today is the final core training workout of the week: back & biceps. Even though I’m training using very heavy weights, I do not break form. Sometimes it’s tempting to use a little body english and momentum when curling, but curling is a biceps isolation exercise. I keep my elbows stationary and focus on the mind-muscle connection at all times. A lot of people tend to use way too much weight when curling, and they use so much english that they practically turn curling into a compound exercise! My biceps started improving BIG TIME once I stopped “ego lifting” and reduced the weight I was using. Once I starting using weights that allowed only my biceps to lift the weight, they grew. Plaster your back against a wall and curl if you are having trouble isolating. Doing so will help you get a feel for the correct movement.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great day. 🙂

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