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Yesterday’s workout; Drop sets; How’s your gym intensity?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 by  
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Yesterday’s workout (pecs & triceps) was excellent: I increased the weights on all exercises over my last pecs & triceps “intensity” workout and, in some cases, even managed more reps using those heavier weights.

Some of the intensity techniques I’ve been using for this year’s bulk (such as supersets and short rest intervals) are very familiar to me, but the “drop set” is a technique that I’ve only used very occasionally over the past five years. I’ve been doing drop sets regularly as part of this year’s bulk, and I’m quickly becoming a big fan of them.

If you’re not familiar with drop sets, it is a very simple technique: start off with a challenging weight for the initial target rep range (say 10-12 reps) and then do reps to failure. The moment you fail, quickly pick up a lighter set of dumbbells (or strip some weight off the barbell – plan your plates ahead so you can strip just 5 or 10 pounds at a time) and again do as many reps as you can until complete failure. Repeat. I’ve been doing triple drop sets as part of my chest workout, but you can continue and do 4, 5, 6 or even more. For example, you could go down the rack of dumbbells doing hammer curls until your biceps are so destroyed that you can’t even eek out another rep with a light 5 or 10-pound dumbbell!

Be honest with yourself: are you hitting the gym but merely going through the motions of a workout? Are you doing the same exercises and rep ranges every week? Are you bored with your workouts? Do you come away from your workouts feeling like you’ve been to hell and back, or are you barely in need of a shower when you are done? My suggestion is to spice up your workouts with new exercises and techniques. Make your workouts as difficult and as uncomfortable as you possibly can. Push yourself past your limits every single time you pick up a weight. Enter the the gym with the same mindset that you’d have walking onto a battlefield. This advice is not over-the-top; this is how you maximize your effort, get real results and keep your desire to train consistent. If you support this kind of intense training with a sound nutritional program, you will grow.

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