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A bit on my upcoming mini-cut; Legs still very sore.

Thursday, October 25, 2007 by  
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I haven’t done any formal cardio in almost a month, but I think my “intensity” workouts are keeping me in very good cardiovascular condition. Those workouts really get my heart pumping hard! Plenty of cardio is coming very soon, however…

A week from this coming Monday I’ll begin the first “mini-cut” of this year’s bulk. This is something new that I’m trying this year in an effort to keep fat gains to a minimum while bulking. The first of my two brief cutting cycles will last two weeks, and I’ll be doing a lot of HIIT cardio. My strength training workouts will remain the same during this cutting period, but my diet will change (complete food log is here). There will be no cheat meals during my 2-week mini cut, but what I’m going to miss most are the roasted red potatoes I’ve been eating for breakfast!

Today’s workout is back and biceps. My legs are still sore from Monday’s workout, so I’m going to try and minimize leg involvement by doing the power variants of the Olympic exercises I’ll be doing for today’s workout.

I’d better get to work – lots to do today. Train hard, and have a great day!

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