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Too much coffee; Temptations; New house almost complete!

Oops. Out of habit I made enough coffee this morning for two people (as I mentioned a couple days ago, Lisa’s off on yet another cruise). Rather than waste it, I’ve been drinking it. I’m bouncing off the walls right now! Last night I had the first real test of my dietary resolve for this week. I was craving cheeseburgers like you wouldn’t believe. It was almost time for meal #5, and I was totally… [Read more]

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Get back on track TODAY!

I had another terrific workout yesterday (chest & triceps). Like Monday’s workout, I cranked up the music about 10 minutes before I started my warm-up sets. The music helped get me fired up and ready to lift hard! Once the pump and adrenaline rush took over, I felt incredible. I may have have gotten off to a rough start this month, but I pulled it together and didn’t wallow in my failures. Never let a… [Read more]

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Feeling great today; Poor Lisa, off on another cruise.

I feel great this morning! I’m also down to my lowest scale weight since I stopped bulking at the end of October, and I’m looking fairly lean (but not quite where I want to be). I’m probably at 10% body fat right now. Lisa’s leaving on yet another business cruise, so we won’t be able to take my 7-point body fat measurements until a week from this Friday. I’ve been 100% strict with my cutting… [Read more]

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Shaking things up; No monthly photos this month.

As you probably know, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. So, for yesterday’s workout (back & biceps) I decided that I needed to shake things up a bit… Lately I’ve been working out in silence (sometimes I like to do that), but yesterday I cranked up the music to help get me fired up. I went with Chimaira. That CD has really grown on me since I first bought it, and it… [Read more]

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Back in the driver’s seat.

If you saw yesterday’s update, then you know that I’ve been struggling a bit with my diet as of late. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into why that is, and after I boiled away all the excuses (stress, long hours, new house, blah blah blah) it comes down to one thing: lack of mental toughness, and giving in to temptation. Most of us fight a constant battle between the long-term benefits of eating… [Read more]

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Bad week, struggling with my diet; Admitting failures and moving forward.

Man, I’m really having trouble being strict with my diet lately! Last night I had a cheat meal, which I really shouldn’t have done after Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast. I also didn’t eat too clean a few times earlier in the week. I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I keep thinking that the whole ordeal with the new house is throwing me off – and maybe that’s true – but it’s still NOT a… [Read more]

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Saturday plans.

I’m about to go get my morning cardio done, and then Lisa and I are going to clean and go shopping for groceries. I’m almost out of chicken breasts and cod, and I want to pick up some eye of round steak, too. I doubt any work has been done with the house since Wednesday, but I think we’ll swing by there just to be sure. I have some paperwork to drop off at the… [Read more]

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Awesome Thanksgiving feast; Leg day!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday! We had a lot of fun cooking and hanging out together, and all the food came out just right. I didn’t over-eat, but I was definitely pretty full by the time we finished dessert. There is a lot of stuff in the fridge right now that I won’t be eating: leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies and cranberries… Basically I told Lisa to share anything she wants, but to… [Read more]

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Thanksgiving update; Exterior of new home complete – final animation.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the states, and this is a holiday I particularly enjoy. I make a genuine effort to always keep the many things for which I’m thankful fresh in my mind, but sometimes the stresses of everyday life take their toll. These day-to-day problems can cause us to lose sight of what’s really important. For me Thanksgiving is a day for re-focusing on what’s most important in life: family, friends and health…. [Read more]

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Firm move date; JSF plans/time off.

We have a firm closing date for our new house: December 28, 2007! The weeks leading up to this date are going to be extremely busy as we make final preparations for the move. Moving is the easy part: once we are moved in, getting settled is going to be a massive undertaking. I have 20 vacation days coming, and I’ve already been approved to take them all in late December and most of January… [Read more]

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