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Montly pictures; The sale of our existing home will be final tomorrow!

Thursday, November 1, 2007 by  
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My new monthly pictures are up, and I definitely put on a little fat and a little muscle this past month while bulking. Of course the fat I added went right to my mid-section. I’m hovering around 10% body fat right now, and will spend the next few weeks getting back down to 8% or so. It should be a fairly painless and relatively brief cut.

The closing on our existing home is still scheduled for tomorrow morning! The buyers are actually out of state and are doing a “mail in” closing. I think the buyers signed off on everything yesterday and overnighted the paperwork to the title company (at least that was the plan). That paperwork should be delivered today, and all we have to do is show up tomorrow morning and sign a few dozen papers to finalize the deal. Hopefully the buyers didn’t take issue with anything in the final contract and signed off on everything as planned.

Until ownership of the home is transfered to the buyers and the equity money is wired into my account I’m not going to rest easy. This is the final obstacle that stands between us and our new home. If everything goes as planned the money will be in my account by tomorrow afternoon and Lisa and I will be having a huge celebration tomorrow night! Our new home is around six weeks from being completed, and if tomorrow goes as planned we’re finally going to finally feel like it’s “ours”. My new home construction journal (an upgraded forum membership is required) has been a lot of fun, but these final six weeks are going to be the most exciting of all!

I’d better get to work, I’ve got a very busy day ahead: I’m filling in for a co-worker who’s on vacation, I have a number of end-of-month tasks to complete and I’ve got extra work to do because I’m taking tomorrow off for the closing. Have a great day!

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