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Fun workout yesterday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by  
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It felt great to get back in the gym after a week off! My workouts are going to be pretty free-form for awhile. I’m just going to do whatever I feel doing without a lot of structure or pre-planning. I think this style of training will be a lot of fun for me.

So for yesterday’s workout (back and biceps) I started off with my favorite lift: deadlifts. After warming up with some light sets I did 4 working sets of 10 reps using fairly heavy weight. It’s been a while since I’ve done T-bar rows, so after the deads I did 4 sets of 8-12 reps using the Titan’s T-Bar row attachment. I finished off the back portion of my workout with some wide-grip lat pulldowns. I’ve been doing a lot of weighted pull-ups lately, so I thought some higher volume pull-downs would be a nice change. I wanted to focus 100% on using my lats to pull the weight down, so I didn’t go too heavy and I used straps so my hands could just hook the bar. My lats are already on fire this morning!

My biceps were already pre-exhausted at this point, so I just did two exercises for my biceps: 4 sets of ez-bar curls and 4 sets of dumbbell hammer curls. I have not done a whole lot of direct arm work recently, and this morning my biceps and forearms are already incredibly sore.

Today I’m going to get some high intensity interval training in on the recumbent bike. I think I’m going to go 16 minutes, alternating 1 minute going all-out with a minute of active recovery.

I’m off to work – have a wonderful day!

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