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I’ve been slacking; Incredible weather; New home animation – almost done!

Saturday, November 10, 2007 by  
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This morning I’ve got a cardio session to make up. Also, I need to get more strict with my diet. While I’m not putting on any fat, I’m not losing any either. I’m still right around 10% body fat, and I want to get back down to around 8% or so. I admit that I’ve been slacking over the past couple of weeks. I eat clean all day long, and then at night I’ve been falling back on less than clean foods around three times per week. That needs to stop. I’m going to tighten things up and go back to a single cheat meal per week, and make sure I get my workouts in without fail. After I drop 8 pounds or so, I can relax my diet a bit more and maintain a level of body fat that I’m comfortable with.

I know I’ve mentioned the weather a couple of times this past week, and I’m really sorry to do it again this morning, but WOW! The weather has been absolutely PERFECT for over a week now. I can’t get over how beautiful it has been outside: the skies have been totally clear and deep blue and the highs have been in the mid-70s. The forecast for the immediate future is more of the same. I’m just loving it!

Our new home is coming down the final stretch! We’re probably less than 6 weeks from closing. This past week a tremendous amount of progress was made: all the tile work was completed, the brick paver driveway/walkway was completed, the overhead garage doors were installed, the exterior of the home was painted, the mailbox was installed, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were installed, the kitchen counters and some of the bathroom counters were installed, the soffits were installed, closet & pantry shelving was installed, medicine cabinets & mirrored doors were installed and built-in appliances are starting to be delivered! It’s very exciting to see so much work being accomplished.

I’ve been taking frames for an animation of the exterior construction progress. The outside of the house is nearly complete now: all that remains is the sod/landscaping and a little electrical trim-out work. Here’s the animation thus far (this animation covers the construction progress from August 2, 2007 through November 9, 2007 in less than 60 seconds).

As you’d expect from me, I’ve been documenting the entire building process in great detail with text, photos and video. It can all be found in my new home construction journal (an upgraded forum membership is required). If you are at all interested in how a house in constructed from the ground up, it’s updated daily and worth following!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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