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Sunday, November 11, 2007 by  
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Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been slacking for the past couple of weeks, and it’s time for me to get my act together. I just don’t feel like myself unless I’m working out and eating right. The instant gratification of a cheat meal is nice on occasion, but having cheat meals more than once a week (as I have been doing) is starting to have an effect on how I look and feel. It’s just not worth it! Starting tomorrow I’ll be cycling three low carb days and one day clean carb-up day (bananas, oats, yams). I’ll be doing a mix of HIIT cardio and LISS cardio 3 days per week, and lifting three days per week. One cheat meal per week – period.

Today I’m going to relax, hang out with Lisa & the dogs and just enjoy my day off from everything!

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