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If you saw yesterday’s update, then you know that I’ve been struggling a bit with my diet as of late. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into why that is, and after I boiled away all the excuses (stress, long hours, new house, blah blah blah) it comes down to one thing: lack of mental toughness, and giving in to temptation.

Most of us fight a constant battle between the long-term benefits of eating to look and feel our best and the instant (but fleeting) gratification provided by junk food. Like most of you, I love how barbecue, hamburgers, french fries and so on taste. There’s nothing wrong with eating that stuff occasionally, but when I eat that kind of junk more than once a week I feel miserable. The funny thing is, I’ve not been that “bad”: I’ve only had a few extra cheat meals for dinner over the past week, but I can still feel the difference!

Like I said, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this and I’ve finally got my head on straight again. The next time I’m tempted to go off my planned healthy diet, I’m going to think about how bad that stuff makes me feel. I’m going to think about my health, my goals and how I deserve better. I’m far stronger and more disciplined than I’ve been acting lately, and it’s time to regain control.

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