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Shaking things up; No monthly photos this month.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 by  
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As you probably know, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. So, for yesterday’s workout (back & biceps) I decided that I needed to shake things up a bit…

Lately I’ve been working out in silence (sometimes I like to do that), but yesterday I cranked up the music to help get me fired up. I went with Chimaira. That CD has really grown on me since I first bought it, and it never fails to get me in a lifting mood.

By the time I’d finished my first exercise (deadlifts) I felt better than I’ve felt in weeks. The sweat pouring off my body, endorphin rush, loud music and my heart about to explode from my chest all reminded me why I love lifting so much. There is nothing like the feeling. I powered through a great workout and when I finished I felt like a new man.

Lisa and I will be moving to our new home in one month. Right now our entire house is in complete dissaray as we continue the massive job of packing up all our belongings. Just about every room in the house is filled with dozens and dozens of boxes, piles of packing material and semi-organized stacks of our stuff waiting to be packed. The spare room I normally take my monthly photos in is completely filled with packed boxes. I have no idea where my tripod is. I think it’s packed. Anyway, I won’t be taking monthly photos this month. I have a space in the new house staked out that should allow me to continue the monthly photos so that they are very consistent with the old ones.

Today is a cardio-only day. I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT cardio lately, so I think I’m going to do 45 minutes of LISS cardio this morning instead. I’m off to get it done – have a great day!

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