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Too much coffee; Temptations; New house almost complete!

Friday, November 30, 2007 by  
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Oops. Out of habit I made enough coffee this morning for two people (as I mentioned a couple days ago, Lisa’s off on yet another cruise). Rather than waste it, I’ve been drinking it. I’m bouncing off the walls right now! :spaz:

Last night I had the first real test of my dietary resolve for this week. I was craving cheeseburgers like you wouldn’t believe. It was almost time for meal #5, and I was totally starving. Not only that, I had everything I needed in the house to make an absolutely killer burger on the grill. I started thinking, “Well, I’ll just have my cheat meal a little early this week, and I won’t have one on Saturday night.” You know what? That’s the exact sort of ridiculous rationalization that threw me off track earlier this month; I’d have the mid-week cheat, and then I’d still have another one on the weekend. I decided right then and there that the cheat meal would wait until Saturday night as planned – PERIOD. After I ate my chicken and broccoli I was no longer hungry and the cravings went away. Job well done!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s leg day! I’m looking forward to a great workout. After my workout I’m heading over to the new house: the carpet was going in when I got there yesterday afternoon, and the carpet crew said they would be 100% done before the day was over. Now that the carpet is in, all that is left to complete our new home is some touch-up/punch list stuff and appliance installation. I’ll have another big update to my new home construction journal (an upgraded forum membership is required) this evening.

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