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More cheeseburger cravings; Simple tweak to my chicken; Packing continues.

Saturday, December 1, 2007 by  
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Last night I was craving cheeseburgers once again, but I was able to combat the cravings without too much trouble. I guess I know what I’ll be having for tonight’s cheat meal! I’ve definitely “earned” this week’s cheat meal, and I’m going to savor every last bite.

I normally prepare my chicken breasts on the grill with nothing but a little salt and a lot of pepper. Lately I’ve been growing so tired of the taste that I think it’s made sticking to my planned diet more difficult than it needs to be. Yesterday for meal #3 I cooked up another batch of chicken breasts on the grill (I do six at a time, and that lasts me about 3 days), only this time I used rosemary and garlic powder along with the salt and pepper. Smart move! The taste was awesome, it was very easy to make and I found myself looking forward to eating the chicken again for meal #5.

Today is our usual big housecleaning day, only this weekend Lisa is relaxing on a cruise ship and I’m left to clean by myself. Actually cleaning seems silly right now: the entire house is overflowing with boxes, packing material and piles of junk waiting to be packed. Yeah, cleaning would be pretty pointless. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it when Lisa gets back.

I may be blowing off the cleaning, but I am going to get some work done and continue packing. I’m glad we started packing several weeks ago, because it’s taking forever!

Enjoy your day!

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