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New bed arrives today; No more room in the house.

Thursday, December 6, 2007 by  
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With all this talk about sleep this week, it’s interesting that our new bed will be delivered today! You know that you are getting old when you become genuinely excited about bedding. The bed that Lisa and I have now is an inexpensive queen-sized bed that we bought around 15 years ago. Having a brand new, well-made KING-SIZED bed is going to be awesome! A queen-sized bed is simply not big enough for two adults and at least one (sometimes two, depending on Turtle’s mood) 70-pound dogs.

This morning Lisa helped me tear down the old bed and move it out of the room. We’re going to keep the old bed for one of the spare rooms in the new house. Unfortunately there is nowhere to put the old mattress and boxspring in this house except my home gym (in the spot where I do deadlifts). That means on back day I’m going to have to move a mattress and boxspring out of the gym before my workout. I’ll just count it as a warm-up set, I guess.

It’s getting ridiculous how full all the rooms are. Almost every square inch is filled with boxes and stuff waiting to be packed. We can barely walk around the house anymore. The poor dogs have no idea what’s going on. We close on the new house three weeks from tomorrow, so it won’t be much longer now! I’m going to wait until the final week to tear down my gym. I’m not looking forward to tearing apart and re-building my Titan. It’s going to be a huge project. Thankfully I don’t think I’ll need to tear it down nearly as far as it was when it arrived from the factory. That should speed up the assembly time.

I’m off to finish prepping the bedroom for the new bed before I start my work day. See ya!

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