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New bed is amazing; 3 weeks until close; Tentative date for my hiatus.

Friday, December 7, 2007 by  
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Wow, I’ve never slept better in my life than I did last night. Our new bed is AMAZING! It was like sleeping on a cloud. I didn’t wake up even one time all night long, and neither did Lisa. That never happens! I was pretty sure that our inexpensive 15 year-old mattress was largely responsible for a lot of my tossing, turning and general restlessness and now I’m 100% positive. I was so comfortable this morning when I woke up that I had to force myself to get up. The bed was not cheap, but it was worth every last penny.

Just 3 weeks until we close on the new house and move! I can’t believe how quickly the move is approaching. The week before we move is going to be pretty hectic, so I’m tentatively setting the start of my hiatus from updating JSF for Friday, December 21st. I’ll resume updates after we’re fully settled in and things calm down a bit – probably the end of January or the very beginning of February.

I have to face the fact that over the next couple of months my strict diet and training will need to take a backseat to other matters. I realize I’m probably going to lose a bit of muscle and gain a little fat during this time. I’m fine with that, but when I come back I’m going to go on a “formal” cutting cycle and get back down to 6% body fat.

I’m off to work now, see you tomorrow!

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