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Totally goofed off yesterday; Today we work.

Sunday, December 9, 2007 by  
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Well, aside from a haircut and picking up some dog food, I got absolutely nothing useful accomplished yesterday. Lisa and I went out to the new house and took a longer, more scenic route. After we wandered around the house for about an hour (we really didn’t want to leave!) we went out to eat for our weekly cheat meal. The fajitas were incredible as aways, and the margaritas were extra strong. By the time we got back home, neither of us felt like doing anything that even remotely resembled work. We goofed around on our computers for a bit, and ordered a couple of nice goose down pillows for our new bed: Royal Velvet Majestic Gold 1200-Thread-Count Hungarian White Goose Down Pillows

Today we’re going to get some work accomplished. First we’re going to clean the house, and then it’s back to packing. I may start taking down my gym mirrors and patching the drywall in there, too. So much left to do…

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