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Good all-dumbbell workout Monday night; Post move-in projects.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 by  
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Monday night – my first supposed day off from weight training – I got the itch to lift. I went into my gym, maneuvered around the disassembled Titan and other clutter, grabbed some dumbbells and banged out a pretty good all-dumbbell shoulder workout. I may do some arm work this afternoon, but I might go ahead and force myself to take a few weeks off. The pain in my lat is pretty irritating, and I want it to heal up. With my Titan disassembled, the upcoming move and a very busy schedule in the weeks to come this seems like the perfect time.

I can’t believe that we’re moving two weeks from Friday! I’m so glad that I’ve got the entire month of January off from work. It’s a huge relief to know I’ll have plenty of time to get settled in. Aside from unpacking everything, I’ve got a lot of projects to accomplish: garage door openers, ceiling fans, audio systems/wall plates in the family room and home theater room, computer network wall plates/wiring punchdowns, multiple indoor and outdoor security cameras need to be installed, security camera DVR setup/wiring, security camera power box/wiring punchdown, security camera video feed wall plates, computer room setup, exterior floodlights need to be installed, the backyard fence needs to be ordered and installed… there’s more, but those are the items with the highest priority. I’m not complaining! With the exception of the fence, I’m looking forward to all of these projects.

I need to wrap this up and get some breakfast in me. Enjoy your day!

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