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Steak last night; Maintaining; Reminder about my time off from updating the site.

Friday, December 14, 2007 by  
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It’s been months since I’ve had a nice big steak, so last night I indulged a bit and grilled a delicious porterhouse. Wow, that thing was good!

I’ve been maintaining my weight (about 197 pounds) and body fat levels (about 10%) for a few weeks now. My diet has been quite good, but I’m finding it impossible to stick to a 100% strict cutting diet right now. I’m going to continue to maintain until we get settled into the new house, and will begin an “official” cut back down to 6% body fat in January or February. It’s not going to take too long to get down to 6% from where I am now, but I want to do it like I did earlier this year year with no cheat meals and no distractions. I figure I’ll be at my goal body fat percentage by April or May.

As a reminder, my last update to this site before my 5-6 week moving hiatus will be one week from today (December 21st). I’ll try to dig up some links to some of my more motivational updates from the past 5 years and leave those up while I’m gone. I know a lot of people will be finding this site for the first time in January, and I want to give those people all the tools and information they need to achieve their goals!

Happy Friday!

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