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Moving is a huge job; Productive Sunday; New and old house pictures.

Monday, December 17, 2007 by  
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Preparing to move has been a much bigger undertaking than I imagined: aside from packing, the cleaning, drywall repair and painting of the old house has turned out to be a massive job. Then we’ve got the final stages of the new home’s construction, which must be carefully supervised. In addition, all kinds of stuff must be planned out and taken care of before the move: address changes with dozens and dozens of companies + the post office, utilities, cable, phone, alarm & pest control services must be set up, insurance, blinds & window treatments, the gym flooring installation + Titan move and reassembly, appliances, the long and detailed mortgage loan/underwriting process, moving van rental, driver’s license & voter registration address changes… I could go on forever, and that’s mostly pre-move stuff. Once we move there are literally hundreds of projects big and small to accomplish.

The last time I moved was in 1994 right after Lisa and I were married. We were young, had very little to move and were moving from a small 2-bedroom apartment into our first house. At the time I thought it was a huge job, but this move is an entirely new ballgame.

Yesterday Lisa and I had more work done by noon than I thought we would get done all day. We continued to work until just before sunset, and I’m very pleased with the progress we made. I’m finally starting to feel like we’re getting on top of everything. It’s a good thing, too, because we’ve only got one more weekend before we close on December 28th!

After Lisa and I finished working yesterday I took a bunch of photos that show what all we’ve been doing lately. I put them in my regular journal. They can be found here.

I know I’ve been very focused on the new house and the move as of late, but believe me when I say I’m 100% ready to get this move done, get settled and get back to my normal life. My last update to this site before I take some time off to move and get settled will be this Friday. When I return to my daily updates in late January or early February I’ll mention how everything is going but then it’s back to fitness!

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