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Old house is pretty much ready to turn over to the new owners.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 by  
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As I mentioned yesterday, Lisa and I accomplished a tremendous amount of work over the weekend. Yesterday evening I knocked out the rest of drywall repairs and completed all the painting. All the remains is to finish packing and a final thorough cleaning of the old house right after we move all our stuff out. Clothes, food and the computers/office stuff are all that is left to be packed. We’ll probably pack up most of our clothes and some of the office stuff this coming weekend. I’ll leave a skeleton network up until the night before we move. Once we get in the new house one of my first priorities will be getting the home’s network and security systems up and running.

I’ve not been working out at all for the past week or so, but my diet has been very clean and my weight and body fat percentage have remained stable. I’m certain that I’m going to lose a little muscle and gain a little fat over the next month, but when I return I’m confident that I’ll be able to whip myself back into shape pretty quickly.

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