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Can’t wait to set up my new gym; New home’s final inspections are today.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 by  
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I’m so excited about getting the new flooring installed and the Titan reassembled in the new home gym! It’s going to be nice to finally have a tough, high-quality gym floor (more information on the flooring along with photos can be found in my December 13, 2007 update). The old foam stuff I had before was coming up at just about all the interlocking points and it was buckling up in many spots. The tiles could not even be re-positioned because the unladen Titan weighs nearly a ton (literally!) With the Titan disassembled and (mostly) in the garage, I went ahead and pulled all the old gym flooring out yesterday (it only took a few minutes) and put it out by the curb. I couldn’t believe it when someone stopped and took it all! That stuff was totally ripped up and trashed! In fact, 95% of the junk we’ve thrown away while preparing to move never made it onto the trash truck. People will take just about anything…

Today a series of final inspections on the new home will occur: plumbing final, roof final, mechanical final and the overall final inspection (the electrical final inspection was conducted and passed about a week ago). Assuming these inspections all pass today, a certificate of occupancy will be issued and the house will legally be ready for occupancy.

This Friday is our “pre-close orientation” walk-through. During this walk-through the various systems of the home will be demonstrated to us, and we’ll also create a final punch list. The builders will have one week to correct anything on the punch list: we close on Friday, December 28th!

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