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New home passed all inspections; Looking back over the past ten months.

Thursday, December 20, 2007 by  
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The new home passed all its final inspections yesterday, and the Certificate of Occupancy was issued! This is it: we’re finally coming to the end of the long, exciting (and often stressful!) process that started all the way back in March.

It’s funny because at the beginning of March Lisa and I had not even considered moving. One fateful day in early March the UPS driver was telling me about a really nice subdivision that he thought we’d absolutely love. I told him that I had no plans to move, but he laughed and said (and I remember this very clearly): “You will be out of here within the next year.” Later that day I checked out the subdivision he mentioned online, and that weekend Lisa and I drove out to see it. While we didn’t wind up moving to that subdivision, that short conversation with the UPS driver was the genesis of the entire process. Here we are less than a year later, and I’ll be darned if his prediction wasn’t spot on!

So tomorrow will be my final update to this site for about six weeks. With the exception of a few vacations, I’ve been updating this site without fail every single morning for the past five years. I’m going to miss the daily updates, but at the same time I think it’s important that I focus my energies on the move and getting settled in. I’ll still be around on the forum, of course, and I will resume my daily updates in late January or early February.

See you tomorrow!

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