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Important meeting: New home Pre-Close Orientation; Delaying hiatus from JSF.

Friday, December 21, 2007 by  
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This is a big day for me and Lisa: we’re exactly one week from closing on our new home, and this morning we’re meeting with the foreman and a member of the quality control team to walk the house, create a final punch list and go over the various systems.

I drove out to the new house yesterday afternoon by myself and carefully looked over everything at my own pace. I’ve got a little over three pages of items that I feel need attention. 99% of the problems I identified are very minor things, such as paint and caulk touch-ups. Still, the builders are going to have a tough time getting everything on my list done by next Friday, because most trades are off on Monday and Tuesday for the Christmas holiday.

Today was supposed to be my last update to this page for a while, but I’ve changed my mind. You know, I absolutely love updating this site every day, and I want to continue it for as long as I can before the move. I expect that my final update to this site before going on hiatus for a few weeks is going to be Christmas day, or perhaps the day after. After that, things are going to get pretty crazy for the Stones!

I need to go eat, shower and head over to the house now. Happy Friday!

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