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Steak last night; Maintaining; Reminder about my time off from updating the site.

It’s been months since I’ve had a nice big steak, so last night I indulged a bit and grilled a delicious porterhouse. Wow, that thing was good! I’ve been maintaining my weight (about 197 pounds) and body fat levels (about 10%) for a few weeks now. My diet has been quite good, but I’m finding it impossible to stick to a 100% strict cutting diet right now. I’m going to continue to maintain until we… [Read more]

Added Friday, December 14, 2007 by

More packing; New gym floor was delivered (pictures).

I wanted to lift last night, but I decided to go ahead and take a few weeks off as I’d originally planned. I think it will do me some good, both from a mental and physical standpoint. Also, I really need to start putting 100% of my focus into the final preparations of the move. So, instead of working out I got some more packing done last night. I got about half the DVD collection… [Read more]

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Good all-dumbbell workout Monday night; Post move-in projects.

Monday night – my first supposed day off from weight training – I got the itch to lift. I went into my gym, maneuvered around the disassembled Titan and other clutter, grabbed some dumbbells and banged out a pretty good all-dumbbell shoulder workout. I may do some arm work this afternoon, but I might go ahead and force myself to take a few weeks off. The pain in my lat is pretty irritating, and I… [Read more]

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Brief update.

This is going to be a very brief update. I’ve got about 100 things going on this morning, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I’d planned to do some LISS cardio this morning, but that’s not going to happen. I’m going to do some HIIT cardio this afternoon instead. Hopefully I’ll be caught up by then… Sorry about the short update – have a great day!

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The mighty Titan has been disassembled.

Yesterday Lisa and I buckled down and worked almost all day long. First we cleaned the house, and then we resumed packing. My focus yesterday was on the home gym. First I took down all the mirrors, the clock and the accessories that I had hanging on the wall (wrist wraps, straps, ropes, boxing gloves and so on). I’m tossing the mirrors, and in the new house I will put up a couple large mirrors… [Read more]

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Totally goofed off yesterday; Today we work.

Well, aside from a haircut and picking up some dog food, I got absolutely nothing useful accomplished yesterday. Lisa and I went out to the new house and took a longer, more scenic route. After we wandered around the house for about an hour (we really didn’t want to leave!) we went out to eat for our weekly cheat meal. The fajitas were incredible as aways, and the margaritas were extra strong. By the time… [Read more]

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Cheat meal today; Packing my DVDs; Today’s plans.

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s cheat meal day! I’m craving Mexican food – specifically fajitas. I think Lisa and I will go to a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The fajitas there are absolutely phenomenal, and their chips and fresh pico de gallo are so tasty that I have to force myself to stop eating them so I’ll have room for the fajitas. I’ll wash all that down with one of… [Read more]

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New bed is amazing; 3 weeks until close; Tentative date for my hiatus.

Wow, I’ve never slept better in my life than I did last night. Our new bed is AMAZING! It was like sleeping on a cloud. I didn’t wake up even one time all night long, and neither did Lisa. That never happens! I was pretty sure that our inexpensive 15 year-old mattress was largely responsible for a lot of my tossing, turning and general restlessness and now I’m 100% positive. I was so comfortable this… [Read more]

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New bed arrives today; No more room in the house.

With all this talk about sleep this week, it’s interesting that our new bed will be delivered today! You know that you are getting old when you become genuinely excited about bedding. The bed that Lisa and I have now is an inexpensive queen-sized bed that we bought around 15 years ago. Having a brand new, well-made KING-SIZED bed is going to be awesome! A queen-sized bed is simply not big enough for two adults… [Read more]

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Another great night of sleep; Rushing this morning.

If you missed yesterday’s update and have ever had trouble falling back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Once again last night I woke up a couple of times and my mind was cluttered with a million thoughts. I used the simple technique outlined in yesterday’s update again last night, and in both cases fell back asleep almost immediately. It really works, and I… [Read more]

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