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Simple technique for falling back asleep that really works!

With such a poor night’s sleep on Sunday night, I was really feeling terrible by yesterday afternoon. Not just tired, but almost like I was getting sick. I decided to skip yesterday afternoon’s workout (doing heavy deads when you can barely function is probably not a very smart idea), and for meal #5 I made myself some chicken noodle soup and took some extra vitamin C. I went to bed very early last night –… [Read more]

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(Mostly) a sleepless night.

Isn’t it funny (not “haha” funny; more like “I want to bash in my head with a hammer” funny) that we have all day to think about our problems and things that worry us, but for some reason our brains often decide that the middle of the night is an absolutely perfect time to contemplate, oh… EVERYTHING. In case you haven’t guessed by now, I slept very poorly last night. I woke up around 2:00… [Read more]

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Fun day yesterday; HIIT cardio today.

I had a fun day yesterday: I got some more packing done, washed the car, watched a couple DVDs, went for a drive out to the new house and had an enjoyable cheat meal for dinner. My cheeseburger cravings have finally been satisfied. I think next week I’ll do something different for my cheat meal. Maybe Mexican or barbecue. I’ll try not to temp you all by describing my cravings as I did this past… [Read more]

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More cheeseburger cravings; Simple tweak to my chicken; Packing continues.

Last night I was craving cheeseburgers once again, but I was able to combat the cravings without too much trouble. I guess I know what I’ll be having for tonight’s cheat meal! I’ve definitely “earned” this week’s cheat meal, and I’m going to savor every last bite. I normally prepare my chicken breasts on the grill with nothing but a little salt and a lot of pepper. Lately I’ve been growing so tired of the… [Read more]

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