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Incredible weather continues, and inspired a great leg workout yesterday!

Yesterday the weather was absolutely stunning, and today will be no different. Some people here in Florida complain about these cold snaps, but I absolutely love them! While it may be a bit frosty first thing in the morning, by mid-day the air is cool and crisp, the sun is warm and the skies are endless seas of deep blue. I love to open the house up when the weather is like this. The dogs… [Read more]

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Perfect day for outdoor lunges; Where to take my monthly pictures?

The weather in my neck of the woods is going to be absolutely stunning today: highs in the upper 50s/lower 60s and crystal clear blue skies. What perfect timing, as today is leg day! I can’t wait to get the first half of my workout done so I can head outside and do walking barbell lunges. I really enjoy this exercise, and it’s so cool that I finally have a big enough back yard to… [Read more]

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Shoulder feeling better, but going to skip this week’s chest workout; Progress.

OK, my shoulder is feeling much better this morning. In fact, it’s not bothering me at all, which is surprising because yesterday it really didn’t feel too great. I’m somewhat inclined to go forward with today’s chest workout, but I think I’m going to play it safe and wait until next week to work my chest again. I’ll get some more cardio in this morning instead. My diet has been spot-on again this week, and… [Read more]

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Shoulder pain; Switching my diet up a bit.

My right shoulder got a little tweaked during last week’s chest workout. It’s not all that bad, but it has been bothering me on and off this week. I think I’m going to do some cardio this morning and wait and see how my shoulder feels tomorrow before making a final decision on this week’s chest workout. If it’s still hurting tomorrow I’m not going to tempt fate and will skip this week’s chest workout…. [Read more]

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Costco pizza review; Deads; Ice cream man?

Yesterday morning I got so involved typing up my Costco shopping list and talking about Saturday’s freezer drama that I ran out of time before I could discuss the hand-made Costco “Pizza Margherita” cheat meal I had Saturday evening. You know, Costco almost got this one right, but ultimately the pizza was a disappointment. In its favor the pizza looked incredibly appetizing: huge chunks of fresh cheese, large slices of tomato and gigantic whole sweet… [Read more]

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Insane Costco shopping spree; Freezer drama.

Yesterday was an interesting day… As many of you know, I always stock up on my protein foods (among other things) at Costco every 6-8 weeks. I like buying in bulk because it saves time, and with two big freezers I have plenty of space for all the food. Yesterday Lisa and I went to Costco with our two big annual rebate checks in hand: one Costco “Executive” rebate check, and one Costco American Express… [Read more]

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Body fat reading and measurements; Cheat meal today!

This morning I took a complete set of measurements and a body fat reading. Actually we took several body fat readings, and I went with the highest one for my “official” stat. My body fat has gone down from 11.1% to 10.4% (as measured using a 7-site pinch test with the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers from the JSF Amazon Mall). I’ve lost a little fat from my waist, thighs and hips and my… [Read more]

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Almost lunged – and nearly fell – into a big pile of dog crap!

Yesterday’s leg workout was even better than last week’s workout. I’ve always had fairly strong legs, and I’ve not lost much strength at all in that area. It was a nice mental boost to be able to go heavy so soon after returning to my regular workouts. The rain stopped a few hours before my workout, so once again I was able to do walking lunges in the backyard. The grass was still wet and… [Read more]

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Good, but not great, workout; I’m out of shape, picture.

Yesterday’s workout was good, but not great. I shortened my rest intervals, and that certainly had an effect on the number of reps I was able to do. I was going for maximum intensity, and to that end it was a very solid performance. I think more than anything else I’m having trouble accepting how much size and strength I lost over my extended moving break, and that my body fat is higher than I’d… [Read more]

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Feeling good; Planning on a great workout today!

I think moving my chest and triceps workout from yesterday to today was a wise choice. This morning I feel much more rested than I did yesterday (I slept an extra 30 minutes this morning, too), and I no longer feel like I might be coming down with something. A day of rest and some extra vitamin C (along with 6 clean meals) is all it took to ward off the bug. It just goes… [Read more]

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