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I’m finally back!

Monday, February 4, 2008 by  
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It’s great to be back! :spaz:

The time I took off to move and get settled was only a little over a month, but it feels like I’ve been away forever! I’ve been looking forward to this morning for quite some time. I missed updating the site, but it was necessary; I’ve been very, very busy over the past few weeks.

First of all, Lisa and I are in the new house and all settled in now. Everything has been unpacked and put away, and we feel right at home. We’re still waiting on some furniture to be delivered, the window treatments to be completed and a few other things like that, but for the most part the move and the “settling in” process is finally behind us!

The move itself was a grueling 3-day ordeal that required 5 fully loaded 24-foot trailers. Chris (1FasGTX) helped on the first day (two huge trailers full of stuff), and me, Lisa and her parents did 3 more trailers over the next two days. By the end of those three days I was a bruised, banged up, tired, blistered mess. It’s been a little over a month since the move, and one of my big toenails is still black. I must have stubbed that same toe a dozen times while we were moving. At least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After we got all our stuff in the new house, I didn’t waste any time. I worked non-stop every single day for weeks on end: unpacking, assembling, putting things away, installing, painting, doing all kinds of random projects and on and on…

I’m very single-minded, and that’s both a blessing and a curse; it’s why I needed to take time off from work and from this site to move. I knew I’d want to devote every spare minute and all my resources to the task at hand. I’m glad I did it that way.

My Titan home gym was not nearly as difficult to unassemble and reassemble as I thought it would be. I installed my new gym flooring the day before we closed on the house, and I got the Titan assembled in just a few hours a few days after we moved in. Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the new gym, including some awesome HUGE glassless mirrors and a wall-mounted HDTV on an articulating arm (the TV will be delivered this week). The TV should make those LISS cardio sessions fly by! Anyway, once I get the TV installed I’m going to get a bunch of pictures of my new home gym and update my Home Gym page. I’ll go into detail on the mirrors, the flooring and everything else in there. Look for that update later this week!

So, for almost the first month at the new house we had no refrigerator. Sears was backordered on the one we ordered (ordered way back in AUGUST – don’t get me started). We have a spare fridge in the garage, but wouldn’t ya know it, the refrigerator started malfunctioning and we couldn’t keep any fresh food in it…

…and that brings me to my diet and training. I’ll sum it up for you in two words: TOTAL CRAP. My diet has been terrible, and my training has been almost non-existent. The week before last was the only week that was “perfect”: I ate clean all that week, trained very hard and didn’t miss any workouts or meals. The rest of the time I’ve been eating poorly, missing meals and not working out. I’ve been so focused on all the projects that everything else took a backseat for awhile. I knew it was going to be like that, and I don’t regret it.

My body weight has not changed (I’m still at 197 pounds), but I have lost a little muscle and added some fat. I’m between 11% and 12% body fat right now (measured 11.1% two weeks ago), and my strength in the gym is down. I’m bloated right now from last night’s Super Bowl pizza, so I’m going to wait a couple days to take a new measurement. Actually, considering the way I’ve been eating, I can’t belive I didn’t put on more fat.

So, the plan now, of course, is to get back to my normal diet and training starting today! I’ll be cutting back down to 6-7% body fat, and I’ll be following the exact same diet and training plan that I used for my 2007 cutting cycle. I’m going to start with week 14 of that plan because at that point in the cut I was around the same body fat level as I am now. This is a carb-cycling diet, and it utilizes 100% all-natural foods.

My training split will be as follows: Monday: Weight training: back, biceps & calves
Tuesday: Weight training: chest & triceps
Wednesday: Stationary bike, 30 mins (aerobic, fasted AM); Stationary bike, 10-18 mins (HIIT, PM)**
Thursday: Weight training: quads, hamstrings & calves
Friday: Weight training: delts & traps
Saturday: Stationary bike, 30 mins (aerobic, fasted AM); Stationary bike, 10-18 mins (HIIT, PM)**
Sunday: Stationary bike, 30 mins (aerobic, fasted AM); Stationary bike, 10-18 mins (HIIT, PM)**

Well, it sure feels great to be back to “normal” again. I’m very excited to finally return to my usual daily updates to this site! I’m also more than ready to get back to a clean diet and hard training.

I’ve got a busy work day ahead, so I’d better sign off now. More tomorrow…

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